Lake Constance

Lake Constance – the Swabian Sea – with the magical flower island of Mainau, historical cityscapes and many attractions.


Lake Constance (German: Bodensee), also called the Swabian Sea, is the largest inland waterway in Germany and the third largest lake in Central Europe. The Obersee and Untersee together form Lake Constance and are connected by the Rhine. The deepest point of the lake lies between Friedrichshafen and Romanshorn and is 254 m (833 ft). The lake has a total area of 571.5 km² (220 sq. miles) and a total shore length of 273 km (45 miles), of which two thirds are in Germany.

Lake Constance is the largest drinking water reservoir in Europe. Four million people are supplied with water from the lake. The mild climate that is unique to Germany also ensures that the lake and its flora are unique in Germany. The many idyllic islands in Lake Constance are very popular with visitors. Its location ensures the special, mild climate on Lake Constance. These special weather conditions contribute to the resulting recreational opportunities, especially versatile water sports, which make up part of its appeal.

At Lake Constance there are many beautiful towns worth a visit, as well as some charming islands. The largest and most famous cities include Konstanz (Constance), Fiedrichshafen and Ravensburg as well as the Austrian Bregenz and the Swiss St. Gallen. Small towns with charm can be found everywhere. Hagnau, Meersburg and Überlingen are well worth a visit. The most popular islands are the Mainau, Lindau and Reichenau. Each of these cities and islands has so much to offer that you could explore each of these wonderful places for hours.

Together they have a wide range of excursions, lots of leisure activities, colorful restaurants and a number of historic buildings and other sights worth seeing.


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