Change of Diet by Montignac


Eat lean with the Montignac method – no calorie counting – no feeling of hunger – no yo-yo effect!

NEW: A so far little-known aspect in public – the glycaemic load, is taken into account when choosing food.

The Montignac method, which has been tried and tested for 20 years, is constantly being developed on the basis of new scientific studies, so that you can get your weight under control even more easily and do something for your health at the same time.

Research has shownThe change of diet according to the Montignac method

  • reduces obesity
  • lowers cholesterol
  • prevents type II diabetes
  • reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases
  • increases vitality

Feast with us on Montignac Phase II and lose weight in the process. The three meals are put together personally by Peter Schweitzer and freshly prepared.

Salmon, vegetables, cheese, fruit, red wine and chocolate – in the right combination, almost anything is allowed with this revolutionary diet. And yet your health is sustainably improved. You lose weight and can also keep your new weight. The digestive system finds a new balance and you will discover new physical and mental vitalities.

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