The four pillars of the Schroth cure


The diet

Our guests are fasting, but they are not starving. The Schroth diet consists of a reduced-calorie, basic diet without animal fat, protein and salt. This relieves the metabolism and initiates detoxification.

The pack

In the early morning, the guest is given a whole-body wrap, a so-called pack. The increase in peripheral blood circulation and stimulation of the metabolism optimally promotes the breakdown and removal of deposited metabolic waste and toxins. While the pack may appear unusual at first, it usually develops into a consciously perceived and pleasant detoxification process during the course of the cure.

The Drinking Ordinance

In a rhythmic change and according to a doctor’s prescription, medicinal water, teas and fruit juices as well as dry, naturally pure wines are administered.

Calm and movement

During the cure period, it is important to find the right balance between rest and movement in order to optimally support the active processes in the body.

Look forward to it…

the fasting experience in the community. The lightness you can feel after just a few days. Free head that lets your thoughts and visions fly. On the display of the scales that “rewarded” you after the treatment.

Optimal treatment success

You can increase your success with massages, baths, special movement therapies, water aerobics, hiking and light sports. Take advantage of our offers and let us advise you well.

The first few days certainly require discipline, but after a while this leads to the body concentrating most of its energy on “detoxification”. The feeling of hunger subsides and almost disappears.

There are weekly lectures on our diets.

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