Physical Therapy


The above quote is not a statement of our hotel! It is the exact definition of the World Health Organization…



Our physiotherapy department is managed by Viola Melchin. She is happy to support you in your regeneration, relaxation and recovery to the best of your ability. All applications, massages and peat packs are carried out in-house.

Here you will find an extract of our offer in this area:

  • Physical therapy (with doctor’s prescription)
    It comprises a dynamic process in the area of prevention and rehabilitation, whereby the individual resilience is increased with active and passive measures.
  • Manual therapy (with doctor’s prescription)
    With targeted mobilization techniques, functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system can be resolved and the surrounding tissue treated as well. The therapeutic approach is symptom-oriented.
  • Classic massages
    Let your soul relax while stroking, rolling, kneading, walking, feelin better and relieving tension with a massage, full body massage, foot massage or refreshing ankle mobilization and massage with Allgäu mountain pine cream – for example after a long hike.
  • Manual lymph drainage (partial or full body treatment)
    With gentle pressure and slow, stretching movements, your lymphatic system is supported by the therapist’s hands to move fluid from the tissue into the bloodstream. The effect is soothing, and the removal of harmful substances from the connective tissue is promoted. Lymphatic drainage is equally suitable for Schroth guests or edema and migraine patients.
  • Colon massage
    to stimulate intestinal peristalsis colon massage
  • Heat / cold treatment
    We also offer the option of applying red light or natural bog packs before or after applications, whereby the heat and the minerals penetrate into the depth of the tissue.

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