Bregenz Festival

Spectacular productions on the legendary floating stage delight countless visitors every year.


The Bregenz Festival is a cultural festival that takes place annually in July and August in the Vorarlberg state capital Bregenz in Austria.

The main attraction for a large number of visitors is the play on the lake on the world’s largest floating stage. The festival is known for the beauty of the natural backdrop of Lake Constance, oversized stage sets, technical cabinet pieces and unique acoustics that are achieved through the technique of directional listening in Bregenz.

At the first festival in 1946, Mozart’s “Bastien and Bastienne” and his “Little Night Music”, choreographed as a ballet, were performed as “Spiel auf dem See” in the gondola port. From 1950, the largest sea stage in the world was available with a 6,400-person grandstand, which was reduced to 4,400 seats by conversions in 1979, but now has almost 7,000 spectators after further expansions. As a play on the lake, a large production of music theater was staged annually, initially mostly operettas, singing plays or operas, since the 1970s more and more operas from the international repertoire and musicals. Between 1960 and 1977, the floating stage was also used repeatedly for ballet performances. The productions on the floating stage have each been played for two years since 1985.

In spring 2008, filming for the James Bond movie “Quantum of Solace” took place on the floating stage, and during the European Football Championship 2008 the German tv also guested with the EM-Studio for daily reporting on the floating stage



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