Our activity program at the INTEREST VITALHOTEL


The range of sports courses offered at the INTEREST VITALHOTEL

Available to our guests under the expert guidance of our sports instructors:

  • water aerobics
  • back school (spinal training)*
  • muscle relaxation
  • respiratory gymnastics
  • relaxation techniques
  • guided hikes in the undisturbed, alpine landscape of the Allgäu

*) Back School (Spinal Training):

A large proportion of all citizens over the age of 30 have back problems. The causes are mostly “unnatural posture”, wrong movements, wrong lifting, carrying, bending, sitting and standing. Untreated for a long time, such errors lead to serious and, in the long run, painful deformations of the spine and the musculoskeletal system. Our sports instructor offers instructions for strengthening neglected muscle groups, behavior-oriented programs and relaxation methods. With simple exercises in a pleasant atmosphere, you can get your back under control and prevent major damage.

These activities are of course included in the hotel price!

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