Beauty is not a question of age. Beauty is the optimal expression of personality. Your appearance is your business card. Trust in the sensitive hands of our beautician. She has a feel for your individuality and gives your charisma the finishing touch. Let yourself be carried away into the world of the senses, the good scents, the refreshing, firming masks and the soothing massages for a few hours.



Medical knowledge, training as a specialist beautician, many years of professional experience with different cosmetic lines and a lot of pleasure in the job make the cosmetic applications by Mrs. Häußler pure pleasure on the skin …

Here you will find an extract of our offer in this area:

  • Basic – for her
    Classic facial treatment with enzyme peeling, essence, frimator massage, deep cleansing, shaping eyebrows and skin-specific serums
  • Basic – for him
    Classic “Check up”, feel-good treatment for men’s skin including enzyme peeling, frimator massage, deep cleansing, brow correction and active ingredient essence
  • In a nutshell – just to make the acquaintance
    Small cosmetic treatment with enzyme peeling, frimator massage, acupressure and moisturizing mask
  • Medical Anti-Age
    Classic pampering treatment and targeted hydration regeneration through the know-how of high-quality active ingredient applications, which are introduced skin-specifically with SQOOM ultrasound (including relaxation massage & hand pack)
  • Medical Dermabrasion – the immediate lifting effect
    “Diamond dermabrasion” is the name of the magic treatment that optimally prepares your skin using an intensive peeling process in order to inject the skin-specific active ingredients with ultrasound. A noticeable instant effect that inspires! Incl. a 3-day ampoule cure for at home.
  • Acne plus
    Medical, intensive cleansing treatment, aloe vera fleece and lymph drainage.
  • All inclusive – beautiful all around
    Small cosmetic treatment with eyebrow correction, massage and mask, coloring eyelashes or brows, small manicure, small daily make-up.
  • Moments at the Interest
    Facial lymphatic drainage, eyepads with hyaluron and aloe vera. Cool, firming, decongestant – a blessing!
  • Hände Highlight
    Scrubsalt and essential oil peeling, Activita hand pack, thermal model and massage, therapeutic treatment of the hands. Soothing, nourishing, and protective. For noticeably tender hands!
  • Sisal body massage – pure pleasure!
    Sisal brush massage followed by a wonderfully warm aromatic oil pack.
  • Intensive back treatment
    Incl. sea salt peeling, vapozone, cleansing and aloe vera pack.
  • Detox body wrap
    The power wrap for your problem areas!
    A body wrap to reduce weight and stimulate fat metabolism. Very successful for cellulite and flaccid tissue. A proven addition to optimal spa success.

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