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The Schrothkur

About 150 years ago a naturalist, Dr. Johann Schroth established a healing method, the "Schrothkur", which has successfully proved itself up to this day. Oberstaufen has been the stronghold of the Schrothkur for more than 50 years. Scientifically approved, it is based on a fasting principle which supports the body´s own ability to detoxify. Breaking down and eliminating toxins in the body, cleanses, rejuvenates and revitalizes. Not only do you lose weight it also works preventive, covering a wide range of healing points. The diet is low calorie, based on carbohydrates, without proteins, salt and fat which together with movement, the early morning wraps and rhythmic change of liquids, forms the four pillars on which the Schrothkur stands . Find the perfect balance and you will reach your target.


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